A Balloon for Bryson

Just about all of us have been conditioned to see balloons as an indicator of festivity, but, on this occasion, I held my balloon in silent reverence while quietly watching the couple in front of me.  Our two families had met under some extremely challenging circumstances.  Our bond was forged in a NICU waiting room.  [...]

A Stitch In Time Makes Nine

Yesterday, June 6, 2018, Lhorraine and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary.  The topic of our upcoming anniversary had come up on a few occasions.  Primarily because we wanted to hear each other's expectations for the day.  Even with our son laying in neonatal intensive care, we didn't want the accomplishment of making it nine [...]

Who Does Jesher Look Like?

There is a running debate going among Jesher's nurses.  The discussion isn't volatile or abrasive; however, it is spirited.  I personally think they are about one week away from setting the odds and accepting wagers.  The controversy is rising!  The dispute is growing!  At the center of the discourse is Jesher's face and one intriguing [...]

An Empathetic Mother’s Day

"Happy Mother's Day!" greeted the wide-eyed receptionist.  I cringed a bit because I knew her enthusiasm for the day far out-weighed my wife's enthusiasm for the occasion.  "Are you going to hold him as your own personal gift to yourself?" another nurse chimed, matching the eagerness exhibited by the first.  They were both smiling ear-to-ear; [...]

Mama, Me, & The NBA

From my earliest memories, I have always loved the National Basketball Association [NBA].  I can remember rooting for Michael Jordan as he struggled against the "Bad Boy" Pistons.  I remember transitioning from "Air" Jordan to Clyde "the glide" Drexler, wanting him to finally win a championship.  I remember being amazed by the clutch, three-point shooting [...]

Bedtime Stories

I read to Jesher every night before leaving the hospital.  At his age (now 30 weeks), it is not clear whether or not he notices; however, I am adamant about maintaining this custom.  Not only will it help me form good habits, but it also helps me get a sweet sample of being a dad.  [...]