A Balloon for Bryson

Just about all of us have been conditioned to see balloons as an indicator of festivity, but, on this occasion, I held my balloon in silent reverence while quietly watching the couple in front of me.  Our two families had met under some extremely challenging circumstances.  Our bond was forged in a NICU waiting room.  Lhorraine and I were introduced to Yodawna and Thurston through a mutual friend, and it didn’t take us but five minutes to recognize how much our homes had in common.  Both of our sons were micro-preemies.  Both of our sons were at the same hospital.  Both of our sons had beautiful brown skin.  Both of our sons had been covered with prayer, and both of our sons were born on March 8, 2018.  All four of us had connected, cried, and contemplated together.   We were invested in both boys’ successful recovery.  And that’s why I was standing ‘at attention’ holding my balloon as tight as I could.  I wasn’t gripping the ribbon to celebrate; I was holding my balloon to mourn the loss of another young man nicknamed “tiny but mighty.”  Yodawna and Thurston’s son, Bryson, had passed.

Bryson was one of Jesher’s NICU classmates, and, if you saw the two, you would have thought they were brothers.  Actually, they were.  Jesher and Bryson were war comrades.  Like men, they fought together because they wanted to live.  Bryson was the little brother (he was two weeks younger than Jesher), but he didn’t act like one. Bryson was active and alert.  That little guy wouldn’t let odds or doubts discourage his efforts.  He was determined to climb the mountain before him.  He was undaunted by his prognosis.  He wanted to win, and for six days, Bryson valiantly battled against extreme injuries.  Then, like his God, he rested on the seventh day. 

Up to this point, my interactions with Bryson’s parents were never awkward because I knew I understood them.  I knew they understood me.  We were traveling the same road, and we wanted the journey to end with both of our families leaving the hospital—babies in tow.  However, this was different.  I could no longer lean on empathy to guide my words and gestures.  For the first time in our newborn relationship, I could not look either Thurston or Yodawna in the eyes and say, “I understand.”  This was tragically new, and I didn’t want to cause any harm.  After all, I had only met this family a week prior to this gathering, and it seemed presumptuous to interject myself into such an intimate experience.  My son was still alive, and I didn’t know what it was like to lose one.  And yet, I was there, standing motionless as my balloon whipped and swirled two feet above my head.

As a soulful psalmist sang “Can’t Give Up Now,” our crowd of 80 plus huddled around the couple as Thurston wrapped his arm around his sobbing mate.  Each of us had written a love note to Bryson and tied our cards to a helium-filled balloon as if we were sending him a gift.  The preacher had already given his comforting eulogy, and we all circled the weeping couple to shield them from the slight chill in the Spring air.  The heartache within our group was unspoken yet discernible; the questions within our minds were inaudible yet gut-wrenching.  Why did this happen?  Why must babies be soldiers?  Why do mothers lose children?  Why wasn’t Bryson still laying in an isolette like Jesher?  I didn’t know what to do with my internal turmoil, so I decided to swallow it with large gulps and focus my attention on my friends as they swayed to the beat of flapping balloons and hummed in unison with the now sobbing soloist.

PRAY FOR BRYSON’S FAMILY–This week would have been Bryson’s original birth week. I don’t know what this week must have been like for Yodawna and Thurston.  I can only imagine how excruciating it had to be for them.  So I want to ask all of you to petition Yahweh on their behalf.  Usually I would be requesting prayers on behalf of Jesher’s needs, but I want to use this post to recruit prayers for Bryson’s parents.  Ask the Lord to comfort them according to the promise given in Matthew 5:4.  Ask God to strengthen them according to the promise given in Psalms 55:22.  Ask Our Father in Heaven to be faithful to Yodawna and Thurston according to the promise given in 2 Corinthians 1:3.  Please intercede on behalf of the great trial they continue to face.

With a brief prayer, the officiating preacher rendered the benediction and instructed us to release our balloons.  Watching balloons float into the unknown is a mesmerizing pastime.  In fact, I was so enamored by the clusters of ascending oblongs that I did not notice Yodawna making her way towards my position.  The feeling of someone coming closer to me caused my eyes to lower, and what met my fixed gaze was Yodawna’s steady stride.  I didn’t know what to say.  I didn’t know what to expect.  All I knew was that my heart hurt and my tongue was heavy.  Thankfully she spoke first.

“How is Jesher doing?” she inquired.  The question definitely caught me off guard.  I never would have expected that greeting.  I assumed conversation about Jesher would have hurt too bad, so I almost tried to avoid the question, but I could tell that Yodawna wasn’t being courteous.  Her soul needed to hear some good news.

“He is still fighting to live,” I sheepishly responded.  “He’s determined like your boy.” 

I forced a half-smile on my face in an attempt to be encouraging, and Yodawna began crying again. 

She allowed me to hug her as she prophesied over my son, “One of our sons has to make it; Jesher just has to make it!”  She emphatically emphasized the last four words in a way that rocked the core of my being.  She continue to speak as I squeezed her tighter.  “You tell him I said that okay?  He has to make it.”

Well, I told him Yodawna, and he is doing better, but my family wanted you to know that we haven’t forgotten Jesher’s fallen classmate.  We haven’t forgotten Bryson.  And like you, our family will never forget him.

[Yodawna did give me verbal permission to share Bryson’s story.  I pray I have generated a worthy ode for their precious son.  You can follow Yodawna’s transparent and compelling journey here.]

“I am worn out from sobbing.  All night I flood my bed with weeping, drenching it with my tears.  My vision is blurred by grief; my eyes are worn out…. [But] The LORD has heard my plea; the LORD will answer my prayer.”  Psalms 6:6-7, 9

The balloon I held at Bryson’s memorial service [March 24, 2018]. Bryson’s original due date was June 26, 2018.

20 thoughts on “A Balloon for Bryson

  1. I will continue to pray for Bryson’s parents. I pray that if they do read this they will see their journey has and will continue to impact us all. Bryson wil not be forgotten. Jesher’s little brother ❤

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  2. We are praying for Yodawna and Thurston, and the entire family of Bryson. We are also praying for your family as you continue to minister to other NICU families.

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  3. Michael, thank you remembering our precious son and especially for your prayers and the solicited prayers. It has been a difficult week but God is faithful and, as I’m sure you know, having solid support helps to keep plowing through.

    I have been following Jesher’s progress…my soul still needs to hear good news! I am so thankful he is still fighting and thriving. We truly believe it wasn’t by accident that our families were connected. You all have our continued prayers. ♡

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  4. Reblogged this on Strength of My Love and commented:
    I received a text from a friend notifying me of this post.

    Ironically, while I was in the hospital, this same friend (that I’ve known since elementary school but hadn’t seen in years) ran into my mom in the hospital gift shop. She was there supporting another friend who’d delivered her son, Jesher, on the same day Bryson was born. Jesher was also born prematurely. We were introduced to the Polites who, at that time, knew exactly what we were experiencing.

    Though sometimes difficult, I have continued to seek Jesher’s progress via his father’s blog. While I’m glad to know he is still fighting and thriving, I often wish Bryson was still fighting along side him.

    This piece was written by Jesher’s father, Michael, in remembrance of Bryson…


  5. It is my understanding that when Jesus returns, the angels will bring the babies we’ve lost back to the loving arms of their righteous parents! Please share that bit of hope in the Lord with this family. I pray that they too, will love our Lord’s appearing, and be presented with Bryson…then healthy and happy!! ~Praying for Yodawna and Thurston

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  6. I have one child and she is so precious to me. I don’t know what it is to lose a precious jewel like Yodawna and Thurston has, but my heart hurts for them. I pray our loving Heavenly Father will comfort their hearts and carry them through this painful experience. I continue to hold them up in prayer.

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  7. Wow!!! Has this brought back memories of our sweet little baby girl, even after 34 years! I have been there… May God give them time to heal from their broken hearts, family and friends that will listen, be silent and be there. ~Praying for Yodawna and Thurston And the many others who have been and will go through this experience.

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  8. Father, today I pray for Thurston and Yodawna, as tears cloud my eyes. Dare I ask why ? I do know God that you know what it’s like to lose an innocent Son. What can take away that pain God? No amount of money, family , or friends. Please, as only you know how, fill them literally with your Spirit. Oh, God, please please please step in and just send emotional help, physical help, spiritual help and healing. You know better than I. Here are your children God. Amen.

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  9. Praying for Bryson’s parents. May the Lord wrap his loving arms around them and comfort them during this difficult time. Still praying for Jesher and his parents. Love you all.

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  10. Praying for Bryson’s parents. Praying for the peace of God that passes all understanding to rest , rule and abide with them always.


  11. My family joins you in prayer for Bryson’s parents. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and heart. We pray that God continues to give you strength, perseverance, and peace in this journey. We love you!


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