Who Does Jesher Look Like?

There is a running debate going among Jesher’s nurses.  The discussion isn’t volatile or abrasive; however, it is spirited.  I personally think they are about one week away from setting the odds and accepting wagers.  The controversy is rising!  The dispute is growing!  At the center of the discourse is Jesher’s face and one intriguing question: Does Jesher look more like his mom or his dad?

Recently, a picture surfaced that shifted the momentum of the debate, prompting NICU odds-makers to move ‘the line’ from its previous 50/50 split.  It has been used to validate claims in the pro-Michael camp, and it has been religiously dismissed by pro-Lhorraine cheerleaders.  It is a picture of me in my father’s lap circa 1983.  For pro-Michael supporters, it represents indisputable evidence of Jesher’s resemblance.  For pro-Lhorraine fans, it only illustrates a fleeting moment of similarity.  The picture is propelling playful contention, and it continues to be a source of genial banter.  Who does Jesher most resemble?  As a mediator, I can clearly see that it is too early to tell, so I have turned my attention to a less controversial aspect of the photograph.  Do you see how happy I look in my dad’s arms?

When I look at the picture, I don’t stare at it to differentiate who Jesher favors most.  For those who have seen Jesher, this snapshot immediately draws their minds into a compare-and-contrast analysis, juxtaposing noses, mouths, eyes, cheeks, and hands.  Admittedly, this sorta happens to me too, but, when I look at the picture, I study my father’s facial expression and parallel it with my infant profile.  I compare my mouth in the snapshot with my dad’s mouth in the snapshot.  I contrast my hands in the photo with my father’s hands in the photo.  I collate my eyes in the frame with my pop’s eyes in the frame.  I take note of how important it is to start loving a child early.   I log how a father’s smile is infectious.  I remind myself that even as infants, dads have a lot to do with the levels of joy a child feels.

Yes, I want Jesher to look like me, but only in the context of this photograph.  For the vast majority of his life, I want him to look like his mother!  (Oh how blessed he would be if he inherited the uncommon beauty of his mother!)  I want Jesher to receive the allure housed in her genetics.  I only ask for one additional thing: Whenever Jesher and I spend time together, may he smile like I’m smiling in this picture.  May he perfectly resemble the happiness and comfort emanating from my face.  In these moments, I want Jesher to look like me!  But I pray he looks like his mother in all the rest : )

Here is Jesher’s current medical report:

FEEDING–As of today, Jesher successfully completed a full bottle–33 milliliters down the hatch!  The occasion became an event in his pod.  As he continued to chug, by-standers began to gather around to see if he would do it.  Lhorraine cheered for Jesher as if he would win 1 million dollars if he accomplished the feat.  And our boy did it!  In just his fifth bottle-feed, he completed a bottle.  The NICU employees are a buzz, and Lhorraine and I are still giggling about the whole scene.   PLEASE JOIN US IN THANKING YAHWEH FOR CAUSING JESHER TO BE AHEAD OF SCHEDULE!  CONTINUE TO ASK GOD TO STRENGTHEN JESHER’S BREATH, SUCK, SWALLOW ABILITIES.

BED UPGRADE–It’s official, Jesher is being moved to a “BIG-BOY CRIB” TODAY.  His doctor assessed him today and felt that Jesher was ready to make the jump!  Over the weekend, Jesher crossed the 1800 gram (or 4 lbs.) mark.  At this weight, he has a great chance of regulating his own temperature.  He will be transferred to the next available crib and monitored over the next 72 hours to gauge whether or not he is capable of staying warm without mechanical aid.  PLEASE ASK THE LORD TO MAINTAIN JESHER’S TEMPERATURE WITH THE WARMTH OF HIS STEADFAST LOVE.

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY–Jesher’s occupational therapist, Tasha, is doing an amazing job!  She visits once-a-day and applies a series of massages to help loosen Jesher’s muscles and joints.  Due to the stress of premature birth, many preemies develop muscular hypertension (which can evolve into hypertonia).  The massages and exercises are helping to relax the tenseness in Jesher’s limbs and back.  Later this week, Jesher will begin receiving hydro-therapy to further relax his joints and muscles.  PLEASE ASK GOD TO DE-STRESS JESHER’S BODY; HE HAS BEEN THROUGH A LOT AND NEEDS GOD TO HELP HIS MUSCLES RELAX PROPERLY.

This is my favorite picture of Dad and me.  Both of us are smiling.  Both of us are relaxed.  Both of us are appreciative of what the other contributes to our life.  I don’t know what is happening in the room at the time the photo was taken; I only know that I am in Dad’s arms and loving every moment.  And who would have thought that the little guy in this photo would someday have a son?  The full weight of the thought hasn’t set-in for me yet; however, I am resolute about continuing the tradition pictured here: As soon as Jesher is old enough, we will re-enact this picture.  [And barring the second coming of Jesus, I pray that Jesher will someday become a dad and continue the ritual.]

“So don’t worry about these things, saying, ‘What will we eat? What will we drink? What will we wear?’  These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs.”  Matthew 6:31-32


19 thoughts on “Who Does Jesher Look Like?

  1. In the midst of the NICU-‘who does he look like’ debate, I was hoping to scroll to see a picture of Jesher and join in the lively discussion. But I guess that will have to wait. For now, we are celebrating Jesher’s continued steady progress and marveling at the Lord’s grace. Yours and your Dad’s pic is great, so celebrate these blissful moments with Jesher too. All the best as you continue to be blessed!


    1. Our God is an awesome God, He reigns from heaven above with wisdom, power, and love our God is an awesome God. I’m so excited for Jesher, he’s making his presence known. His accomplishments are notable. He is a dynamic blend of you and Lhorraine. I marvel at you and Lhorraine’s faith. I continue to pray for Your family. May God continue to bless and keep. With XOXO 😘


  2. I just want to say I love this post by far as it reminds us to be thankful for the little things, the cost of a smile, the Lord’s arms are big enough for us all, and that I won the game during the baby reveal lol j/k. Thank the Lord for the progress and I share the verse Wandile’s sister shared with him which is Psalm 116:12


  3. To God Be the glory! Great things He hath done! May God keep Jesher as the apple of His eye, and hide him under the shadow of His wings. As recorded in Psalms 17:8.


  4. Praise God for all of Jesher’s improvement’s! As one of Jesher’s cheerleaders it is amazing to hear of his accomplishments. We know our God is working His magic answering our prayers as Jesher grows stronger and is thriving while taking giant steps in eating and getting ready to move to his crib. Thank you God! We will continue our prayers and praise Michael and Lhorraine as your faith grows each day.
    Love and God Bless you,
    Hetha Dixon


  5. Amen! May God be praised.
    I am so happy to read today’s report. What a mighty God we serve. We continue to pray daily. Love you Jesher, Lhorraine and Michael.


  6. Praise God for a very happy report!!! Whoever he resembles I know Love is the middle name❣️ Praying for God’s continued blessings!


  7. Praise God, this report made tears come to my eyes due to happiness. God is doing it! I agree frame that bottle and I think Jesher looks like his heavenly father. Continuing in prayer for both of your strength, baby Jesher discharge home, and love for each other. Yeah baby Jesher!


  8. I’m still playing “catch up on comments”:
    33 milliliters–Praise God!!
    Moved to a Big-Boy Bed and crossed the 4lbs mark. Thank God!!
    The pic is priceless!!
    “What shall we say to these things?” Look at God!! Blessings!!


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