Lego Power

Legos, by far, are the greatest toys of all time!  I know; you are probably wearing an aghast expression on your face because I have been too reckless with this emphatic statement.   How could I forget the iconic slinky or the legendary etch-a-sketch?  What about the heroic action figure or the comforting teddy bear?  Have I completely omitted the memorable yo-yo or the addicting Whee-lo?  Am I being intentionally disrespectful by disregarding the unforgettable bicycle or the timeless hula-hoop.  The answer to all of these questions is NO.  I haven’t overlooked any of these hall-of-famers.  I have weighed the evidence and spent hours comparing and contrasting.  My deliberations have yielded one clear winner: Legos are the undisputed champions of the toy world. 

Launched in 1958, the Lego “brick” apprehended our attention-spans, twice being crowned ‘Toy of the Century.’  No toy has so captured the imagination of children like legos.  Why?  Great question.  I believe it is because legos gave us our first taste of being gods. 

In Lego-world, you feel like you can construct, create, establish, orchestrate, or engineer anything!   Every Lego-man or Lego-woman is at your beck-and-call.  Nothing happens in a Lego-city without your oversight and guidance.  You know what’s going to happen before the Lego-citizens know.  You are four, five, six steps ahead of the smartest Lego-people.  You are in complete control of Lego-planet, and everything goes just as you plan it.  Man, oh man, how I wish I could get those Lego Powers back for just one afternoon.

Especially during times of high stress or high anxiety, I will often fantasize about what I’d do if I still had Lego Powers.  What would I change?  What would I build?  What would I tare down?  What would I build up?  If I had Lego Power for just one hour, what would I create?  Honestly, I am willing to admit it; I would spend that entire hour on one project–I would rebuild Jesher.

I know; I am being unforgivably short-sighted.  In every moment of every day, I feel like making Jesher healthy would vastly improve the world.  But that’s not the case; even if Jesher was back in the womb, growing comfortably inside of Lhorraine, planet Earth would still have mountains of pain and suffering.  And still, I confess; my one hour of omnipotence would be spent on one NICU patient while the rest of the world would remain desperate, dire, and disheveled.   Do I feel guilty about my mindset?  Not at all.  I simply see it as a natural outcome of experiencing extreme trauma.

I now understand why ‘hurt people hurt people.’  We are all engaged in a psychological arms race.  Every human, in some way, is attempting to reclaim Lego Power.  All of us are desperate to avoid the reemergence of traumatic pain, so we judge the health or goodness of the world by our own contentment.  If we’re doing great; the world must be great!  If life sucks; there is something wrong with the world.  We are constantly making decisions based upon the ethic of personal satisfaction.   If it makes life better for us, life will be better.  The thought pattern is irrational at best; but strangely, it begins to make sense when you are attempting to escape impending trauma.

Here is Jesher’s current medical report:

BRAIN–The results of Jesher’s two lumbar punctures came back, and both were unsuccessful.  The doctors believe that the pressure in Jesher’s brain has not been alleviated.  This afternoon, Lhorraine and I were asked to come in to have a consultation with the attending physician concerning possible next steps.  Each of the options entailed invasive procedures that carry high risks.  As they briefed us on the options, we became convicted that we needed to take a night to step back and ask God to do what the best medical efforts have not yet been able to do.  Jesher has gone through a lot over the past couple days, so Lhorraine and I have asked for 18 hours of space before we make our final decision.  We are attempting to make room for Yahweh, the Great Physician, to perform a miracle.  We believe that our son is a miracle baby, and we believe that our God is a Miracle Worker.  PLEASE ASK GOD TO CREATE A SPECTACULAR MIRACLE OVER THE NEXT 18 HOURS.  IN THE NAME OF JESUS, TELL YAHWEH THAT WE NEED HIM TO CAUSE THE FLUID IN JESHER’S VENTRICLES TO DRAIN, DELIVERING HIM FROM FACING HIGH-RISK, SURGICAL PROCEDURES.

I wish Jesher was well, and I wish even more that I had the power to make him well.  However, I am prepared to relinquish my affinity for Lego Power.  My focus is too near-sighted.  I can only see that which pains me.  Everything else is a peripheral concern.  I would only use Lego Power to liberate my own soul from anguish.  I would only use Lego Power to guard my own life from trauma.  And this, by default, disqualifies me from wielding such authority.

“You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts you.” Isaiah 26:3


12 thoughts on “Lego Power

  1. Pastor Polite & Lhorraine, I am praying for you. Rest assured in God’s able hands. He sees the anguish of your soul. He may seem far but He is near and He will allow His will to prevail. Keep trusting even when it is hard and you don’t seem to see the way. The night is darkest before the dawn. We love you.


  2. Reading Polite Prayer is a part of my devotions. I am truly pained but blessed. Jesher continues to be the subject of my prayers and I know God will use this #tinybutmighty warrior in a powerful way.


  3. I will pray for the fluid in Jesher’s ventricles to drain and also pray that the Lord will give you and Lhorraine His wisdom to make the best decision (James 1:5). Giving thanks in advance for God’s response………


  4. GOD CAN DO ANYTHING BUT FAIL. These words taken from an old song come to mind as I read your post.
    Our spirits cry for healing for Master Jesher & the clear voice of the Devine Father as you seek HIM!


  5. Psalm 121:4 Indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.
    Dear Mike and Lhorraine, I don’t have anything better to tell you than the verse above. .In as much as it’s hard for us to understand, God is watching. And if He will not drain the fluid Himself, He will watch while the surgeon does it. Be reassured that He Who watches Jesher does not slumber nor sleep. Hold on..


  6. Read this post on last night/ early morning with heartfelt concern and did not have the energy to respond. And as of yet I do not know the outcome of the situation but I do know who holds Jesher’s future. The song STAND comes to mind. What do you do when you’ve done all you can and it seems like its never enough…you just STAND when there’s nothing left to do…you just STAND, watch the Lord see you through…THE NAME OF THE LORD IS A STRONG TOWER…


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