The Waiting Game

Waiting rooms are bitter sweet places.  It is a volatile space where emotions ebb and flow with the tide of oceans and the gravitational pull of the moon.  Some find solace and camaraderie there. Others attempt to use the square footage to gather themselves and rediscover composure.  Many avoid them all together, fearing the return of ghosts that haunt their recent or distant memories.  But regardless of how you utilize a waiting room, one fact is inescapable: everyone is forced to wait. 

This indefinite purgatory can wear on the nerves and weaken the resolve of the strongest humans.  Each person who sits in the familiar hospital-grade furniture is waiting for answers, waiting for responses, waiting for doctors, waiting for nurses, waiting for healing, waiting for God.  We’re all equally helpless, forced to sit on warn cushions as a consultation prize for our lack of omnipotence.  The majority of waiting-room participants want to do something, but they can’t, and it can be maddening to entrust the ‘anwer-finding-work’ to professionals who admit they are practicing.  We wait; and wait some more, and wait still more.  We pray; and we pray some more, and we pray still more.  We cry; and we cry some more, and we cry still more.  When we finish, the sanity threatening cycle resets and simply begins again.

To be honest, this space seems hardest on believers.  You see, if you didn’t believe in a higher power, you would more readily accept your helpless state.  You wouldn’t have as much internal tension.   You would pay tribute to luck or chance and resign yourself to waiting for probability to determine the fate of your situation.  However, when God enters the picture (especially one claiming to be loving, good, just, and pure) it becomes more complex.  You question how much you are to contribute versus how much God is supposed to contribute.  You question who is supposed to make the next move.  You question if your bruised faith was wounded by an aggressive devil or a negligent savior.

The waiting room can be a brutal place.  It is the weigh-station for belief, and on a couple of occasions, I have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.  Am I trying to be patient?  With all of my heart.  Am I trying to keep the faith?  I’m actually hoping faith keeps me.  Am I trying to “stand still and see the glory of the Lord”?  Honestly, that’s all I can do.  And that’s what’s so tough about this room–it only invites you to do one thing–wait.

Here is Jesher’s current medical report:

BRAIN–Jesher’s brain is no longer bleeding, but the blood did build-up in his brain has caused brain trauma.  The doctor’s have not seen any signs of encumbered neurological function, but this is an area of concern.  We need Jesher’s body to break-down the blood in his brain and rebuild any damaged tissue caused by the bleeding.  PLEASE ASK YAHWEH TO REMOVE THE BLOOD FROM JESHER’S BRAIN AND TO FULLY RESTORE ANY DAMAGED AREAS.

FEEDING–Jesher is now up to 12cc of breast-milk per meal!  He eats every three hours (via a gravity-line) and has processed the food quite well thus far.  As of today, Lhorraine’s milk is being fortified with elements that will aid Jesher’s weight gain.  Naturally, breast-milk is full of nutrients; however, it is burned quickly.  So these supplemental additions to the milk will help Jesher add the calories he needs to maintain the rate-of-growth he would experience in the womb.  PLEASE PRAY FOR JESHER’S DIGESTIVE SYSTEM TO BE STRENGTHENED SO THAT HE IS ABLE TO TOLERATE THE FORTIFIED MILK AND PUT ON THE WEIGHT HIS BODY NEEDS TO SUPPORT BONE AND MUSCLE GROWTH.

HEART–Jesher’s heart murmur is softening.  The PDA [Patent Ductus Arteriosus] is still open, but they believe the indomethacin that he’s received the past two days is helping the hole to close.  When this hole closes, Jesher’s blood flow will be improved which will encourage proper circulation throughout his body.  PLEASE ASK THE LORD TO CLOSE THE HOLE IN JESHER’S HEART.

LUNGS–Jesher is being placed on a different ventilator.  He is not releasing enough carbon-dioxide which hampers the overall oxygenation of his blood.  Also, one of the lobes in his right lung has collapsed again, so he is receiving percussion treatments to open the lobe again.  PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD’S RUACH (BREATH OF LIFE) IS GIVEN TO STRENGTHEN JESHER’S LUNGS AND DISPEL THE HIGH CARBON DIOXIDE LEVELS IN JESHER’S BLOOD.

The current projection is that we will be able to take Jesher home sometime in June.  To put it lightly, that is a long wait.  At times, it feels like too long of a wait.  But I found a stanza of a famous hymn that encouraged me…it let me know that my waiting wouldn’t be in vain.  It comforted my impatience, and renewed a steadfast spirit within me.  It gave me the courage to put my jersey back on and check back into the waiting game.

“Sweet hour of prayer, Sweet hour of prayer! / Thy wings will my petition bear / To Him whose truth  and faithfulness / Engage the waiting soul to bless / And since He bids me seek His face / Believe His word and trust His grace / I will cast on Him my every care / And wait for thee sweet hour of prayer.”

“But you will not even need to fight. Take your positions; then stand still and watch the LORD’s victory. He is with you, O people of Judah and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid or discouraged. Go out against them tomorrow, for the LORD is with you!”

2 Chronicles 20:17


20 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. I continue praying for little Jesher. I want to meet him someday!! He’s a strong little boy, who will turn into a strong man someday.


  2. …”Take your positions; then stand still and watch the LORD’s victory…”
    This is powerful.
    I am taking my position and standing with you in prayers.
    Love you all.


  3. I’m so thankful the bleeding on the brain has stopped. The prayers will continue that the mighty physician will continue to work in Jesher’s life.


  4. Waiting is hard. Period. It’s even harder because you have no way to know, think about and prepare for how you, Jesher and Lhorraine are going to be each day until June. The only thing that gets you through one of the most agonizing processes of character development is God’s grace. When you don’t know what else to ask for, please ask for His grace. He promises that His Grace is sufficient for each day. Claim it as often as you have to. Big hug from Dallas.


  5. Dear Father in Heaven, we ask for your hand of peace on Michael, Lhorraine, and Jesher. May they know that You are with them through the waiting, and that all of time is in Your hands. May they know Your comforting presence each moment! We ask in Jesus’ powerful and precious name, Amen!

    (Here are some of my favorite quotes on waiting: Psalm 27, DA 672; PK 174; MH 58)


  6. I praise God for the June projection of Jesher being able to go home! Waiting is extremely hard at times, but know you don’t wait alone. The Holy Spirit is right there you!…and so are we as your family and friends! We’re here lifting your arms (like Moses) as the battle continues. Know you’re all in my prayers daily. ❤️🤗


  7. Michael and Lhoraine be encouraged! Unlike unbelievers, when we wait, we wait on a God that promises to work everything out for our good because we love Him. Romans 8:28.

    Yes, this is a test of your faith, and mine too, because I too question why two young believers have been visited with this difficulty. But I am encouraged by the fact that our time on earth is but a vapor and that all we do here on earth is just to prove us worthy of Him.

    I pray for your strength and courage, knowing that as you are being refined by fire, you will be found pure in the end if you faint not!

    “Let us not be weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap if we faint not” Galatians 6:9



  8. Continuous prayers for Jesher!! I believe he will pull through, because God is able and I know he will never leave this family or forsake them in any way! Stay strong and he will be there! Praying everyday for more good news and great outcomes.

    Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.


  9. I am claiming the awesomeness of God. I claim Him in all His Glory for the cause His warrior JESHER. For the Glory of YHWH, and the testimony of JESHER.


  10. I understand the emergency c-section part as I had one with my first. I went into labour 7 weeks early with my third, hospital stay, bed rest at home and meds stopped it and I ended up going to my due date. Both of these were scary and stressful. Beyond those two events that I experienced, I have no idea of the range of emotions you are going through. Cling to each other and to God. Prayers for all of you. Kris


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